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I & II

by Dave Wirth

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Don't walk the bridge this late at night And keep those windows tight Coz men have come to take the land Stay under the covers and you'll beat the sounds that drag you down Smoke cigarettes next to the pool And watch young beauty dance Coz snakes have come to take the land Stay with your lover, stay with your hand though it hurts like sand
Undercurrents, undertow Brings a staple to my home Boyfriend with the strongest shoulders Lover who is coming over I'm okay with violence I'm okay with violence Undergarment, undershown Shining light is all my own Caution in the dusty room Caution with some dusty loom I'm okay with violence I'm okay with violence Oversight, overboard Choked him with a nylon cord Arms were held by silken seams Free to watch the falling leaves I'm okay with violence I'm okay with violence I'm okay violence
Never seen a boy so young with cancer and no scalp Never seen a mother leave her boy behind What if he fell while you’re gone? What if he fell while you’re gone? Never felt so alone when I fell from the sidewalk to the road I guess we feel okay guarding empathy for others
t all starts like this… You end up facing corners Longing for just kiss from nonexistent lovers It all starts like this… Making love to ghosts Quenching imaginary thirsts, consuming imaginary delights It all starts like this… Her curves and her shape Are nothing that I wanna miss, and nothing I’d ever care to escape It all starts like this… My darted eyes in refrain Scanning floors and walkways, and awkward talk and embarrassed display It all starts like this… Thinking till a migraine My figure is embarrassing, but loneliness is heartbreaking It all starts like this… Spirits just cannot do enough I end up with my ghosts and you end up with anyone
Kid-Pimping 03:05
You can always put a child upon a pedestal 15 years later and neglect him his recognition now Coz he’s gone out, he’s done great things He made your name great, and you are proud of him You can program him easy this way He’ll want to get to Harvard And then you know you’ve done well as a parent Coz he’s gone He’s doing great things And all in the name of good parenting
And the money was stacked against you not in the least Above everyone else you know when they are fake A friend or a lover, I’m a slut when it comes to you A sugar crash, but it’s over our heads Rolling on dirty floors with lightning storms unchecked Walking around the lazy susan In erotic underpinnings when the sun comes out Is this that man? The one I keep pointing out… The one with his back road drives and all those women in his head? The sounds of his bare feet scraping across a cheap carpet It’s not like your hugs can save you in the end adds up to anything, my friend… And the money was stacked against you not in the least Above everyone else you know when they are fake A friend or a lover, I’m a slut when it comes to you A friend or a lover, I’m a slut when it comes to you
I don’t want to let them go "He’s a goner, dontcha know?" Christmas never brings her home At least anymore… What’s not to like around here? A change of seasons and winter’s arrival Sledding down old country roads Rosy cheeks and hot chocolate… We’re alone in God’s frigid land Cloudy skies and feeling sad The warmest days are long away Like memory’s far off landscapes This family’s well-to-do There’s nothing we can’t buy you We’re always there for you But never in a way you need us to When you were young, you were so easy One more gift with subtle feeling But you left coz you were bleeding? That’s all the thanks we get for giving...


Critically acclaimed music producer and film composer Dave Wirth has been releasing music on the Fire, Fire, Red Star Down record label since 2005. A masters degree holder from the Eastman School of Music, and an unapologetic nerd about music, his energy for following new and inspired ideas is boundless.

2005's "I & II" houses two EP's in one LP. Part I is a collection of dark indie-folk tunes. Themes of struggle, cancer, raising kids the wrong way, and homelessness all strongly pervade the songs and inform that atmosphere. Part II is an unflinching view of parenthood in an unhealthy family atmosphere.

In either case, Dave's not lying with this music. It's uncompromising, unapologetic, and completely in-your-face vulnerable. We hope you enjoy that.


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released June 1, 2007

Dave Wirth - Guitar, Voice, Piano, Composer
Eric Archer - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Jim Wilson - Mastering Engineer
Saba Angel - Drums
Corey Kooke - Drums
Kevin Searle - Noise
Many orchestral musicians I can't remember (but who got paid, thankfully).


all rights reserved



Fire, Fire, Red Star Down! Austin, Texas

Record Label. We release ambient and experimental, soundtracks, indie-folk, indie-rock, electronic, solo piano, solo guitar, and more.

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